Stress Relieving and Weight Loss Benefits of Dance


We believe that in order to be in the best shape relax-dancingboth mentally, emotionally and physically – you need to work not only your mind but also your body.  Relaxation techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises can help you develop an inner peace to combat stress.  But sometimes our bodies need to be physically exerted in order to reach true inner peace and contentment. Not only does physical exercise help us release bad or negative energy, it also helps to eliminate bad toxins from our bodies so we can feel rejuvenated and free.

Many people think that the only way to exercise is to go to the gym or take up a sport – but most people find running continuously for an hour or power walking to be boring and monotonous. If you aren’t truly enjoying the exercise you take part in, you won’t get the best health benefits from it.  However, one form of exercise which can truly change your opinion and how you view the concept of weight loss is through dance conditioning.  One new popular Country Dance exercise program is making waves throughout the United States and Canada.  The program is called Country Heat by Beachbody and it introduces the concept of doing short 30 minute exercise videos that combine low-intensity and simple dance routines that you can do while listening to catchy music.  While not everyone is a fan of country tunes, this program is great for those who do or don’t like it. The music is soft and has a good beat and the feel good rhythms will put you in the mood to dance.

The calorie burn is surprisingly high per workout and you can expect to burn around 250 calories every 15 minutes if you follow the moves precisely and don’t stop for breaks.  Remember to keep hydrated and enjoy yourself as you are doing the workouts. Smile as much as possible and don’t get frustrated if some of the dance moves are too complicated.  Country Heat is meant for both beginners and intermediate exercisers so you can simply march on the spot or sway from side to side while taking a short break before you hop back into the workout.  Turn on your favorite music and get moving.  Let yourself take advantage of having a half an hour only for you to improve your body and mental health.  I promise you will feel so proud of yourself afterwards and watch the stress fly away.