Binary Options When Millions Of People Don’t Know It

Binary options suddenly returned to the public’s conversation after an advertisement of one of its service providers went viral on social media. Big profits in a short time, and can be used by beginners as an offer to their audience. Millions of people don’t even realize that they can make $ 1,000 a day without leaving the house and you are one of them. If you don’t believe it, then you can visit our official website to get more detailed information about binary investing.

If you look at how it works, binary options are not an investment instrument. The reason is that investing is the placement of funds in the long term with the hope that the nominal value will increase in the future. Then, the ups and downs of the investment value depend on market conditions. If so, are binary options an instrument that traders of investment and commodity instruments can use? In a way, binary options are also not a trading instrument. The trading character tends to be short-term, but the profit from the capital gain or the increase in the price of the traded instrument moves according to market conditions.

On the other hand, binary options only ask users to guess the value of an asset whether it will go up or down within a predetermined time. If true, the user will benefit according to the initial conditions, and vice versa. This means that there is no market there, aka it tends to play bilaterally, so it cannot be called an investment or trading instrument. The risk can be said to be very high, causing a loss. In the transaction, the user will select an asset index, ranging from currency, stock index, to commodities. After selecting the asset index, the next user enters the capital to stake. The minimum amount of capital used depends on the asset. Then the binary options application will calculate the potential profit obtained from the transaction. The range is quite diverse, ranging from 60% – 90%. Then, the user selects various transaction durations, starting from a few seconds, minutes, hours, or days.