The Role Of Sunroom In A House

The living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are some of the common rooms in the house. Meanwhile, the sunroom or conservatories from the can be considered as a tertiary room in the house. The presence or absence of this room, will not be a problem for the house and its inhabitants. However, the presence of a sunroom effectively enhances the appearance of the dwelling. So, what is a sunroom? A sunroom is an additional space used for sunbathing at home, or just to enjoy the views around the house, without fear of rain or excessive heat. A sunroom can also play a multifunctional role, namely a sunbathing area as well as a conservatory or glass veranda.

The purpose of sunbathing here is the sunroom as a room that is bathed in sunlight, so it is suitable as a place to receive guests or a relaxed dinner. For a conservatory, a sunroom can be a green room overgrown with various plants. These plants can be of various kinds, even endemic, or grow in a special ecology. This is because the temperature in the sunroom which functions as a conservatory can be adjusted to be ideal for the plants in question. This sunroom can be created in the terrace area or separately on special land. On the terrace, the sunroom is usually half-open, complete with large windows around it.

When viewed from the definition, a sunroom is additional space in the house that is used for sunbathing, or just to enjoy the view around the house. This is because sunrooms have walls that are mostly made of translucent materials such as glass, or the like. However, it does not mean that the sunroom is only a room that has a special function. Because in practice, a sunroom can be used as a functional room such as a family room, living room, to dining room. Or even, you can make the functional rooms have criteria like a sunroom.